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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What method of cleaning do you use for carpet?
A:: A: RitzyClean provides 100% steam cleaning with state-of-the-art, truck-mounted system. We use a powerful residue-free and earth-friendly cleaning solution applied at 300-400 PSI (pressure per square inch) and extracted with a super vacuum powered by the van’s engine. This combination provides the deepest, safest, cleanest and fastest drying carpet cleaning available.
Q: What method of upholstery cleaning do you use?
A: : We use a specialized tool called a Maxi-Dry tool that allows us to steam clean most any fabric, even those that would typically require a solvent cleaning or dry clean only method. The tool is designed to thoroughly clean the fabric without saturating it.
Q: Who does the cleaning?
A:: Our highly-experienced cleaning technicians do all of the work – no trainees. The technicians are uniformed, friendly and have a passion for getting even the dirtiest carpets & upholstery clean and fresh. Find out more in the About Us section of our site.
Q: What do you do about furniture? Do you move furniture?
A:: Yes. We move and replace furniture like a basic couch, table or chair. We place protectors under the legs with Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs that you can easily remove the following day. We provide traffic area cleanings around larger items or in bedrooms at your request. We ask that you kindly remove any breakables like tippy lamps, knick knacks, or any plants to help us provide you with a detailed cleaning.
Q: How long does it take to dry? Is the carpet very wet?
A:: No. The carpet will be left just damp to the touch and should be completely dry within 4-12 hours depending on the individual cleaning condition. Berber carpet or extremely humid conditions may cause carpet to take longer to dry.
Q: Are there any hidden costs or extra charges?
A:: No. All work is pre-approved before the cleaning begins. At RitzyClean, we believe it’s best to provide you with both the price along with a realistic expectation with the outcome for the individual job site. RitzyClean will never offer gimmick coupon prices and or attempt to sell you unwanted or unneeded services. Upon completion, your technician will give you a walk-thorough of all areas completed and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your cleaning. We guarantee your satisfaction.
Q: What about spots/stains? Can you remove stains like coffee, koolaid, or red wine?
A:: Some stains are permanent, but our technicians are trained and highly-experienced to tackle even the toughest stains. We utilize pre-treatments, spotters and even provide a heat transfer process to remove what other cleaners may have left behind.
Special Information:
Carpet and upholstery have dye sites used by the manufacturer to produce their color. Not all of these dye sites used are closed during the dying process and may remain open. When anything enters these open dye sites it can permanently change the color or appearance of the carpet or upholstery being worked on. Applying stain guard protection helps prevent these dyes from receiving new colors. Stain guard is highly recommended and will extend the life of carpet and upholstery that is in good condition.


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